Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us so we developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we store your data.
So please take a moment  and read our privacy politics and let us know if you have any questions.

What kinds of data does 20RAP collect ?
 We only collect data to help your journey in 20RAP be easier and make you feel better. For this goal , we use the data we collect to improve our services to you.

Why does 20RAP collects information?
 Datas will help us to improve  our services to you ; like suggesting more interesting ads , tracks, video clips, etc.
We ensure you that your personal information will never be given to a third party by 20RAP.

What do happen if I don't want to give my information?
 We use your data only and only for making our services better for you. with complete information we can give you our  complete service ; each part of info wanted will improve completing our services and suggestion engine for you.

How many people can access my 20RAP profile?

Your profile will only be managed by you. As you will see everyone can see your public information and activities -only you what you choose to be shown on your profile- but no one can or will edit or manage your profile but you.

Will 20RAP remove my profile?

 The only time when 20RAP bans your profile is only when users report your activities or posts. 20RAP team will check the report and if the report is right your profile will ban and remove from 20RAP by our terms (See Terms of Use for more)